Hiring Pool Designers to Make the Perfect Backyard Pool

Human beings are not aquatic animals, but all the same, humanity has always had a close relationship with water. This ranges from using boats for fishing or trade or exploration all the way to practicing swimming for sport or leisure. Swimming is a fine example of cardio exercise, and it can work out many muscles in the body. That, and it’s simply fun to do, and many public swimming pools can be found all over the United States. Pools in warm states such as Florida may be open year-round, in fact, since it never gets too cold for public pools to be used. And that’s not all. Many homeowners are hiring pool contractors and pool designers to devise and build custom swimming pools in their yards, a fine example of landscaping. The pool designers and the actual builders may in fact be different parties, however, and the homeowner should take note of that. An interested homeowner may contact pool designers to create the schematics for their pool, and hire contractors to actually build a concrete pool base and effect swimming pool renovations.

What a Pool Project Entails

If a homeowner wants to have pool designers create the schematics for their new pool and builders construct it, they may totally transform their back yard. Landscaping is the general act of modifying terrain to make it more attractive or useful, and this certainly includes the work of pool designers and contractors. Landscaping may yield a high ROI, or return of interest, since a landscaped piece of property may sell for a good price later on. Studies show that investing as little as 5% of a property’s value into landscaping may yield a ROI as high as 150%. A landscaped residential property may sell quickly and for a good price, a serious benefit after the current homeowner enjoys the landscaping for themselves. This makes for a large industry, and that includes pool designers.

The homeowner may choose where the pool will be built, as well as its dimensions such as its shape and the length of each side. A homeowner may, if they feel the need, consult pool designers to determine the most practical and price-friendly shape for their pool. Different crews, meanwhile, may be responsible for actually building it.

Pool care involves a number of areas. For one thing, the owner of a backyard pool may want to install a screen that can be extended or retracted as needed, and this screen will help prevent items falling into the pool water and making it dirty. Such screens may also protect the pool’s water from being evaporated by the hot sun during summer. This is especially important if the pool isn’t shaded with trees.

Tile repair and maintenance is another issue to consider. All pools have plaster and tiles on them, but these materials might wear out over time. Plaster may get worn and sharpened into points that may scratch a person, and the tiles may eventually break or come loose. Many tiles may be plain white ones, and at the water line, there may be darker, colored tiles to help swimmers easily see where the water line is. Many pools have shallow, wide steps in them, and the edges of these steps have dark, colored tiles to help users stay steady on those steps. When necessary, a pool’s owner may ask tile crews to empty out the pool, then scrape off any damaged tiles or plaster and replace them with fresh materials. While this is being done, the pool’s aesthetics may be modified, such as switching to a new color for the water line tiles. In other cases, the pool owner may ask to have colorful, small tiles put in to form a mosaic pattern. This is visual flair that may add festive and distinctive personality to the pool, and it may impress anyone who’s looking to buy the property.

On top of that, pool designers may suggest new or replacement features for the pool, such as adding new lights, a new metal ladder, or even a diving board to make the pool more fun and practical to use. A pool’s water filter and pumps may also be replaced if they’re clogged or worn out.

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