Fun Ways to Stylize Your Bathroom

Stone backsplash tiles

The bathroom is an underrated place in the home for artistic expression. Kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms often get stylized according to the homeowners designers but too often the bathroom gets left as a bland and impersonal statement. Yes, the bathroom is a personal space but it’s precisely because it’s a personal space that it should be personalized like everything else! There’s no sense in having a beautiful home or a gorgeous apartment if you’re just going to leave 1/5 of it blank, senseless, and completely uncolored. There are a lot of fun ways to personalize your bathroom and make it fit with the rest of your home while still staying under budget and on-schedule. What follows is a short list of manners in which you can theme your bathroom to make it more exciting for you or visiting guests! Follow along.

    The Classics- Starting With The Aquatic Theme
    There’s nothing quite like the classic themes to make a home feel comfortable. The aquatic theme for your home might seem staid or boring but it doesn’t have to be. First start with the very basics. You’ll want a few items to spruce up the countertop, walls and floor. Consider purchasing a certain color of bathroom floor tile that fits with the rest of your paraphernalia. You can even make some mosaic tile designs to really liven things up. Have some fun with glass tiles, glass wall tile or glass tile colors of your choice! Ceramic tile installation isn’t out of the question, either, if you have enough money. Just be sure you’re using the right kind of tiles for bathrooms. Mosaic pool tiles are not the same as white subway tiles which are not the same as bathroom tiles. You just need to make sure you’re choosing the right ones. It isn’t hard! Once you’ve picked your bathroom floor tile, arrange your aquatic or nautical themed items accordingly and in a manner that’s either symmetrical or fashionably asymmetrical. People will certainly notice later! You may even get a few compliments!
    The Country Home- Going Rustic
    The rustic bathroom can also some bathroom floor tile, if you’d like. But it should be a different color that reflects a more country-based theme. Golds, earths, greens, all organic colors are a good place to start if you’d like a more outdoor themed bathroom. You can include some woodsy themed apparel as well, such as branches, real stone or photos of mountains and deep forests. For added sensation, consider lighting a few candles that give the right scent ambiance to go with your country theme. A fun alternative that fits into this idea is also garden theme which is still outdoors but slightly more domestic. Grow some plants on the window sill, put some flowers around or arrange the colors and textures to fit into a spring motif. Light greens and blue, sunshine yellows, open reds, these are all preferred colors in bathroom with a garden motif. Fluffy, grasslike bathmats work as well, as do all types of green, earthy bathroom floor tile.
    Keeping Current and Keeping Global
    One of the more interesting and avant-garde themes that’s arisen in the last few years is the international bathroom. This might sound strange but it’s actually caught a fair bit of popularity when combined with other, more natural motifs. Many people spring for the Paris ideal which is sleek and fashionable, metallic grays and golds. It’s not the only one, however. You can go for a New York feel, with pictures of buildings and streets or even an LA vibe, with pictures of celebrities and glamour. Some spring for the Tokyo theme with high mountains and a fast-paced, high-tech feel. One of the most popular is also the Rome theme with whites and golds, a little like the Paris theme but with pictures of statues and classic items on the walls or countertops. By choosing the right international motif to go with your home, you’re making a personal statement about who you are, where you’ve been or where you hope to go. It’s all a matter of perspective and the future you envision for yourself!

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