Different Kinds of Homes and Different Kinds of Tiles

Kitchen backsplash ideas

Different homes are setup for different geographies and different areas. Each different type of environment produces a different sort of home with charms and styles unique to it. A home in the city is going to look different than a home in the country and vice versa. Likewise, the inside of the homes is going to look very different depending on where you live. For instance, a tile bathroom countertop is going to be designed for a different aesthetic in a beach home than a home in the surburbs. A coffee table in a beach home is going to look different than coffee table in a ranch home. What follows is a brief list of types of homes and the types of furnishings you might find in each. Follow along and remember- if you’re buying or selling a home, take a second to figure out what looks fitting and comfortable to you! That’s what matters most.

    The Beach Home
    As we mentioned before, let’s start with the beach home. The beach home is going to be a little more open and airy than its counterparts. For instance, if it has a tile bathroom countertop, then it’s likely going to be wide, open and aquatic themed rather than forest or city themed. The bathroom itself might be covered in glass wall tile or some sort of mosaic backsplash. Outside the bathroom, the kitchen might have a certain type of floor ceramic tile or other type of artistic flourish. The doors will be designed to open up into the outside air with shutters designed to let in a maximum amount of light while also providing a sufficient and cooling amount of shade. For a lot of beachfront homes, a porch and deck chairs are absolutely necessary for relaxation and recreation. Moving to the bedrooms, the sheets will likely be thin and airy while the surrounding room may have sailing or nautical memorabilia. An underwater theme might not be remiss, either, though finding items and knick-knacks to facilitate this might be a little more difficult. It’s all a matter of individual personal taste.
    Ranch Homes
    Ranch homes tend to be a little more secluded than beach homes but that doesn’t mean they can’t make as much of a personal statement. In some cases, ranch homes are more intensely personal because many of them are specifically designed by their owners. In any case, the inside of a ranch home will often be country-themed with horse or hunting decor. This type of home often overlaps with the forest home but it has several important distinctions. It might have less glass tile designs, for instance or it may lack a tile bathroom countertop. It will also probably have a larger area around it for horses or other animals. There will often be a lot of wood in ranch homes as well which adds to the overall aesthetic value of the home. The texture and smell of real wood is valuable and irreplaceable, in some ways. It all depends on the desires of the homeowners.
    Urban Homes
    Now, not everyone has the money to design their own individual home in the city. But urban homes, often apartments, have their own feel and setting that you can’t find anywhere else. To continue with the idea, an urban home’s tile bathroom countertop might have a sleek, contemporary look as opposed to the more organic feel of a ranch home. They will often have large windows that look out onto the city skyline or a waterway. The urban bedroom will, again, be sleek and contemporary like the other spaces around the apartment. It might be slightly insulated for sound as well to block out the noise of the streets. The urban home will have a naturally smaller surface area so use of space is usually maximized for efficiency. They won’t have a basement or an attic so every corner is used as sparingly as possible. But, really, the view and the activity within the urban home is no other. The energy of the city and all the different people has value all its own.

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