Explaining Different Types of Shutters

This video discusses three main types of shutters for windows. The information can help clients who are considering purchasing plantation-style shutters for their homes. The speaker mentions that the main categories of shutters are vinyl shutters, composite shutters, and real wood shutters.

Wood shutters are crafted of real wood. Some are stained, and some are painted.

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Composite shutters have real wood in them, but they are coated with a vinyl or PVC coating. Vinyl shutters are crafted of 100 percent vinyl. There are benefits and disadvantages to each shutter type. Clients must understand the differences before deciding on which type of shutters to purchase.

Vinyl shutters have the advantage of being less costly. They can also handle water because the water falls right off when it makes contact with them. The hollow vinyl shutters have size limitations, however. Composite shutters are known as synthetic shutters. They are mid-grade shutters. Their benefit is that they are authentic looking and are less expensive than wood shutters.

Wood shutters are the highest quality shutters one can get. The benefit of using wood shutters is that they have a high strength-to-weight ratio. They are likely to last the customer the longest amount of time.

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