Everything You Need to Know About Ceramic Wall Tile

Ceramic tile countertops

Homeowners all over the United States are considering remodeling or adding a room to their home. At least 69% of these homeowners are looking to do a kitchen model, according to the National Association of Home Builders. Even more are looking to remodel a bathroom, at least 78% of home renovators want to do this, according to the same survey. In terms of materials, these home owners have a lot of options for the walls in these spaces. One popular option is ceramic wall tile.

The first decision that needs to be made when looking at ceramic wall tile is, what kind? One choice in this area, other than patterns, colors and shapes, is between gloss and matte. Another desicion is between glazed and unglazed. Each has its own unique properties, advantages and disadvantages. Here is a look at these three types of ceramic wall tiles:

Glazed ceramic floor tiles are easier to clean than the other two kinds. This is because the glaze that is applied to the tile has the impact of making the tile similar to glass tile in the ease of cleaning it. The glaze itself is a lot like a coating of glass that makes the tile harder to scratch or stain. This kind of tile is more hardy than the other kinds as well. The process of making the tile results in a more durable product. There are a lot of patterns and colors for this material. You can also get this kind of ceramic wall tile high gloss and semi gloss. glazed tile is like glass, if it is the kind of floor ceramic tile that is used, it can get very slippery when it becomes wet.

Unglazed ceramic tile is often used on the floor. It can be especially good for ceramic tile for a bathroom because it is not nearly as slippery as the glazed version, though it is impossible to make any sense to make any ceramic tile slip resistant. This kind of ceramic wall tile needs to be treated so that it can better resist being stained.

While it is much easier to clean ceramic wall tile than other substances such as wood, there are a number of things that need to be considered when cleaning ceramic wall tiles, here are a few:

  • Always get rid of anything that is sprayed on that ceramic wall tile that could stain it. If there are any small scratches, the staining substance can get into them. If hair dye gets into your tile and you take too long to wipe it away, you may find you have scratches that you have no idea were even there. The grout can be more easily stained so that is another reason to get it quickly.
  • Get the right solution. You should use non-abrasive solution that you have tested on an area that is out of sight before using it on any tile. Do not ever use ammonia, ammonia based products or bleach. These are very bad for the finish of the tile. You should make it a point to get a solution that is pH neutral.
  • Stay away from abrasive materials. Steel wool, scouring pads or wool should be avoided like the plague.
  • Any tile in the house should be cleaned with a damp mop, sponge or vacuum on a regular basis, it will keep it dust free. Dust just turns into dirt and grime.
  • Full strength white vinegar and acid based cleaners for tile work well on hard water stains. You should always take care to use the cleaners will acid in well ventilated spaces and while wearing gloves.
  • If your wall ceramic tile is in a moist environment, you need to keep a lookout for that. You can use a solution of half white vinegar and water or tea tree oil on the area. Tea tree oil works really well and smells great (also bugs hate it) but many people do not always have that in the house and go with the white vinegar because most people in the United States have it their kitchens.

There are many reasons to ask for a ceramic tile installation when working on your kitchen or bathroom. The low maintenance feature is just one, among a lot.

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