Enhance Your Home With Crown Moulding Designs

Install crown moulding

When thinking about interior design, it can be easy to get caught up in immediately visible room features such as furniture and carpeting. However, many do not realize the effectiveness of more overlooked accents. Crown moulding, while mentioned less in interior design, can make a number of differences in any given room with any given style. Crown moulding installation can take place in a variety of interior settings, and can often enhance the look of a room in many ways.

For those who are not aware, crown moulding is often used at the meeting of a ceiling and interior wall, and can also be used as an accent in doorways, windows and fireplaces. These mouldings can be made of a variety of materials including wood, foam, paper, and others. Crown moulding styles include those that often flare at the edges creating an attractive decorative look. Often times, this flare can be called a “wave,” and is a common architectural fixture in a moulding, and is closest to the ceiling in most cases.

No matter what the shape or size of a given room is, crown moulding has the ability to change the perception one has of a room for the better. For example, one may install crown moulding to a room with low ceilings, as they often are used to give ceilings a taller look. In addition, these mouldings add elegance to any room. Likewise, taller spaces can employ specific types of crown moulding design styles that can emphasize width over height. In addition to these types of illusions that can be experienced through these crown moulding techniques, they are often aesthetically pleasing from a design perspective. The dentil, or the moulding’s decorative strip, really gives the moulding its distinct flair, and can instantly make a room look twice as sophisticated as it once may have looked.

Also, often times these types of mouldings are offered at a relatively low cost in comparison to the value they may put on a room and therefore the house as a whole. The often regal appeal of crown moulding design styles often adds a perfect touch to any room. And any room can benefit from a crown moulding, as they are made to be super durable with their high density.

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