Determining Which Radon Test to Utilize

Living in your own home is a great feeling. That being said, it’s important to ensure that you remain safe on your own property. Considering that, it’s important to ensure that you’re testing for radon in your home. In fact, statistics show that nearly 6% of homes within the United States have radon levels that meet or exceed the Environmental Protection Agency action level. With that in mind, here is how to determine which type of radon testing you’ll need in your home.

Passive or Active Radon Testing

There are two main methods used to find radon in your home. known as either active or passive radon testing. Active radon testing requires having access to power while passive testing methods do not.

Passive radon testing methods often include the use of charcoal. That being said, you’ll want to contact a radon testing company while determining which type of testing is needed. In certain situations, buildings with high humidity levels can sometimes interfere with using charcoal to test for radon.

Active radon testing will require the use of power. However, these tests are often used in a wider range of conditions. It’s wise to have active radon testing methods implemented and monitor by a radon testing contractor. These tests can be difficult for someone without proper training to understand.

Short or Long Term Tests

Another consideration to make is whether you’ll need short or long term radon testing. Short term radon detection methods can measure radon in your home for anywhere from two to 90 days. The exact amount of detection time depends on the device that you’re utilizing. In most cases, a short term radon test will require at least 48 hours in order to properly obtain results.

On the other hand, long term radon testing methods can be used for over 90 days. If you’re wanting to understand the annual average of radon in your home, it’s wise to choose long term tests. In many cases, long term radon tests also utilize active testing methods which means they require power.

In closing, it’s understandable to feel confused about which type of radon testing method to utilize in your home. If you’re concerned about the possibility of radon in your home, it’s wise to contact a radon testing company. It’s wise to remember that radon is impossible to detect without using the right kind of testing methods. A radon testing company will help ensure that you’re utilizing the right type of test methods. Therefore, a radon testing company is the best way to test for the presence of this gas within your home.

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