CO2 Blasting Who Would Have Thought That CO2 Would Be Good for the Environment?

Dry ice blasting cleaning

Though it might seem counterproductive, cleaning with dry ice is one of the most efficient means for cleaning a product with certain characteristics. cleaning with dry ice is also known as co2 blasting or dry ice blasting. dry ice blasting companies and environmental cleaning services are available for cleaning pieces of machinery such as aircraft detailing, for example.

cleaning with dry ice can be more efficient when it is used for cleaning off rubber molds and other growth. cleaning with dry ice is recommended by government organizations such as the Environmental Protections Agency. It can decontaminate surfaces which have spawned salmonella or E coli and, as importantly, since cleaning with dry ice uses only a minimal amount of chemicals, there is less chance of the equipment becoming contaminated by toxic chemicals.

This does not mean that cleaning with dry ice requires no safety precautions. The carbon dioxide produced by dry ice is, in itself, toxic in sufficient amounts and, therefore, should not be used excessively. Also, people handling a dry ice blasting hose, slurry blasting hose or Co2 cleaning hose should only do so with insulated or protective gloves of some sort. Since the temperature of dry ice is so low (often more than negative 75 degrees), it is important to avoid contact with the blast stream.

Dry ice blasting is not the only ways to improve a service but it is one of the most effective an environmentally friendly ways to do so. Who would have thought that CO2 could be good for the environment?

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