Clear Out Your Garage to Increase Your Living Space

Retractable screens for french doors

Have you considered extended your living and entertaining space into your garage? It may sound crazy, but you can turn a simply cement garage into a beautiful space that’s good for more than just storage.

Garages are primarily intended for parking cars. And sure, a number of people do use them for that purpose. But there are also a great deal of people with garages who still have to park their cars out in the driveway, because there’s no room in the garage. And why is that? Because the garage is full of junk.

Garages often become a catch-all for various odds and ends, because it’s a good place to toss things to get them out of the way. Especially if you’re entertaining, you can just toss a pile of books or a stack of papers or a bag of clothes into the garage, if you don’t have a place to put them, or the time to put them in their proper place.

Garages are also a good general storage space, even for stuff that’s not junk. You can store items their for the long term, like holiday decorations, or seasonal tools or appliances. Many people prefer storing such items in a garage, as opposed a basement or attic, because the garage is easier to access.

While it’s fine to store items in your garage, it’s a waste of space if your entire garage is full of junk. Decide what you need to keep and what you can get rid of, organize the items you’re keeping, and install some shelving to keep your stored items safe and organized. You’ll soon find you have much more free space in your garage.

You can use your free garage space to park your car, or you can use it for something much more interesting. Why not make your garage and entertaining space? You can put down some carpet, bring in some furniture, and before you know it, you have another space to relax with your family, or entertain friends.

The best part about entertaining in your garage is the garage doors. Those big garage doors may not seem like an advantage, but they really are. With the simple addition of some garage door screens, you can bring the outdoors in. Garage door screens will allow great sunlight, ventilation, and fresh air, while keeping out unwanted bugs and critters.

Installing retractable garage door screens is no problem at all. It might take a buddy, but the toolwork itself is very simple. The garage door screen kits will include everything you need for installation.

Once your new garage door screens are installed, your garage living space will be complete. After the hard work of cleaning out and decorating your garage, you deserve to relax and enjoy this new living space with your friends and family. For more about this, go here.

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