Can You Use Hand Tools to Fix Broken Bathroom Tiles?

The most gut-wrenching image is seeing a broken tile in the middle of the floor or wall in your bathroom. You might consider replacing the entire floor, but that’s unnecessary. If you have a few hand tools at home, you can replace the broken tile as a DIY project. The YouTube video offers a tutorial on replacing a broken tile using hand tools alone. You don’t need to break the bank for one broken tile.

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Fixing a Broken Tile with Hand Tools

Regarding tile repair, you don’t have to be experienced in the field. As long as you know your way around some basic hand tools, you can fix a broken tile here and there. Power tools can make any tile repair job faster and complete it more efficiently. However, hand tools can also work on small tile repair jobs. The two most important hand tools you’ll need are a tile cutter and a putty knife.

Apart from these tools, you’ll need a sponge, painter’s tape, grout float, and tile adhesive or mortar. The process of replacing the tile is straightforward. You must prepare the area, remove the broken tile, prepare the replacement tile, apply the grout and adhesive, place the tile, and clean it with a sponge. That’s all it takes to replace a broken tile with hand tools.


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