Bathroom Remodeling Designs

Updated: 2/10/2022

A bathroom remodel is a very popular home improvement project. If you’re considering a remodel, you should first decide what you can afford. Look at your bathroom and prioritize what needs to be done.

The average cost of a 5×7 bathroom remodel will depend on the intensity of the work. If you need to gut it and start over, the average cost of new bathroom installation will be much higher. However, you will have more control over the final results.

If you’re keeping the bathroom’s footprint the same, then the average cost of bathroom reno will be lower. If you’re on a tighter budget, this could be a good option for you. Consider what you need to do, then calculate the average cost of remodeling a bathroom per square foot with this plan.

Consider if you’ll hire a countertop contractor or other professional, then apply their fee into your equation. Once you know how much it will cost and whether you can afford it, you’ll be able to make much better plans, save money and get results.

One of the significant renovations that add value to your home is a bathroom remodeling project. You can be sure that replacing that outdated vanity or lighting fixtures will not only give your bathroom a modern look but will guarantee you a return on your investment. There are many reasons one can remodel your bathroom. For instance, a family member may have mobility issues requiring expanding the bathroom to allow a wheelchair inside. Whichever reason you have, be ready to part with some cash. The average cost of new bathroom installation can be about $18,000 – $47,000. However, if you are just adding a few touches, like custom sandblasting your shower doors, the price might be lower.

On the other hand, things like a shower model are not that costly. If you are simply updating a shower head to something modern, you can part with about $500 for basic renovation. Note that the average cost of shower renovation will depend on whether you are installing a walk-in shower or simply renovating what you already have. Of importance to remember is that the average cost to build a new bathroom varies depending on the materials, size, fixtures, and complexity. Also, when estimating the average cost to finish a bathroom, ensure you work on a budget. It will prevent scenarios where you have to leave a project halfway to find finances.

Handicapped bathroom

Bathroom remodel designs can help you to restore your home’s appearance while adding value to it. On average, new bathroom remodel designs bring more than a 60% return on the money invested in building them. Most rooms cannot bring in this kind of return when they are remodeled or refurbished.

Handicap bathrooms are an important remodel for a family with a member that has mobility issues. The biggest challenge with handicap bathrooms is building in extra space to accommodate wheelchairs and other mobility equipment. However, most bathroom remodeling companies can build new bathrooms with these special considerations. The room itself will often need to be expanded. Wheelchairs, for instance, require around 60 inches of open space in the middle of the room to turn. Also, the doorway itself will need to be expanded so that they can enter comfortably. A bathroom’s fixtures may also need to be changed to accommodate the disabled person. Toilets are generally about 15 inches tall, but toilets that are 17 to 19 inches tall are more comfortable for people in wheelchairs. Walk in bathtubs also accommodate people with mobility issues better than standard tubs. It is different, but it is still reasonably easy to create bathroom remodel designs that account for a family member’s disability.

Bathroom remodeling costs
will vary heavily, and how much your remodel will cost will depend on the materials, fixtures, size, and complexity of your new bathroom. However, putting a little extra money into your bathroom is more likely to generate a return on your investment than putting it into another room. If you are still searching for different ideas for bathroom remodeling, many can be found on the internet to help you to create a new design vision for your room. When you are ready, contractors can help you to finalize and to realize your bathroom remodel designs. Research more like this:

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