Baseball Bats Might be Fun, but Recycling Centers are the Best Option for Disposing Electronics

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When you have an old computer, TV, printer, or other electronic, the most fun way to get rid of it and make room for a shiny new one is to do your best Office Space impression and smash it to bits. However, the more environmentally friendly option is finding out how to recycle electronics. Perhaps surprisingly, electronics are actually a major contributor to land pollution. Though it might not be as easy as placing items in a blue box and dragging them out to the curb for pickup the next morning, doing so is actually quite easy.

TVs and computer monitors are some of the most dangerous items when it comes to the importance of recycling electronics. “The average CRT tube on any monitor or television holds between six to eight pounds of lead. It needs to be properly processed,” says Rachel Robin of Guaranteed Recycling Xperts. “Once that glass is crushed and open, the lead is exposed to the environment.” If you want to go green, learning how to recycle electronics to keep lead and other contaminants out of the environment is a must. Fortunately, it is not overly time consuming and there are several places to go if you want to get rid of old electronics safely.

Usually, the best option for recycling electronics is major retailers. Some of them will take smaller items, like ink cartridges, cell phones, and batteries for free, and most will accept larger electronics as well, though you might have to buy the replacement there. Of course, different local computer and electronic shops and stores will have their own policies as well. But no matter what you are trying to dispose of, heading to a place that can properly recycle electronics is the smartest option.

There are dozens, if not more, things to recycle at home. Though most everyone knows that they should recycle every day items like newspapers, milk jugs, and cardboard, many do not realize the harmful effects that electronic items can have on the environment when not handled correctly. Dumping them in the garbage might be easiest, and taking a steel baseball bat to them might be the most fun. However, if you don’t want to contribute to environmental issues, finding a great local place to recycle them properly is the best choice. Research more like this.

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