Basics of Front Door Access Control

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Front door access control is a powerful security feature that can give you peace of mind. This video describes how access control functions and provides you with security.

Access control is a method of controlling the passage in and out of an area. An access controller is what makes the decision to let people in and out, along with a keypad so you can gain access.

There are a variety of door strikes, but they power up the door when it’s unlocked. The door contact shows if the door is open or closed which can let you know if the door has been forced open.

The access card and keypad work together to send signals to the controller. The access card is like the translator from the keypad to the controller and lets the controller decide whether or not the door can be open or closed.

There are also request to exit units that use infrared beams to sense people who are trying to leave, and allow them to exit without putting in credentials.

The controller monitors all of these features. All of the separate units communicate with the controller and it is what opens or closes the door. For more information, click on the link above.

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