Are You in the Market for a New Home? What You Should Know About Old Growth Trees


There are more than 5 millions homes sold every year in the United States, but owners often ask themselves how they can sell their homes more quickly. The secret to a quick sale comes down to a single word: landscaping. If you take the time to landscape your home: put in new trees, a retaining wall, new paving stones, you could increase the value of your home by almost 15%. The vast majority of Realtors let their clients know that before they sell, they really should invest in new landscaping details. The benefit of landscaping is that it draws the eye: potential buyers might just fall in love with the home before they even step foot inside.

What kind of landscaping has the best return on investment? In the past few years, homeowners who are looking to sell are most interested in a few landscaping details. Potential buyers like to see an active vegetable or flower garden, older trees that shade the home, and flowers or ornamental bushes in the front yard. If you can install a gazebo, a pond, or an arbor — often referred to as “hardscaping” — you may have a much better chance of a quick sale. Studies also show that putting in a hammock can increase your chances of selling quickly. Most homes sell within a month of being put on the market, and when potential buyers can envision themselves living somewhere, the sale could come that much more quickly.

There are more than 40 million devoted gardeners across America, and recent studies indicate that more than 75% of all American adults prioritize spending time outside. There are more hikers and campers in this country than ever before, and potential buyers are looking for a new home, but they are also concerned about proximity to parks and other outdoor recreation. When the Realtor gives home tours, ask them to mention the local attractions. You should always look for unexpected selling points when offering your home for sale. Landscapers report that water features are popular: people want to spend their “off hours” relaxing outside in their own backyard.

Landscapers also want homeowners to know that they should perform landscaping upgrades well in advance of a sale. Gardens take a while to settle into full bloom: try to entertain potential buyers when your backyard is looking its best. Make time to weed and to keep bushes in good shape: buyers might drive by before asking for a formal tour. It’s not necessary to maintain a state of perfection, but think from the buyer’s point of view? Homes are like businesses: people would rather buy a home that doesn’t require a lot of work right after they move in. If you’re not a fan of yard work, hire someone to come weed for a few hours each week: you should keep your yard looking its best. Landscapers can also advise you about designing and implementing outdoor upgrades. A sample web search would be: “landscape design Plano TX.”

If you have just purchased a new home, you should know that landscapers recommend spending on trees that provide a lot of shade. People who plant trees in the right locations could save as much as 10% on their annual heating costs. The benefit of older trees is that they keep the roof of your home cooler, reducing the temperature without needing an air conditioner. Homes that have basements can also work to cool the upstairs: just leave the basement door slightly open. Tree also remove impurities from the air: studies show that homes with lush foliage enjoy better air quality and a higher degree of satisfaction and relaxation. Too many people seek to cut down trees when they move into a new home: keep the trees, but make sure the roots are not compromising your septic system. Have a wonderful time gardening and enjoy the landscape design at your new home.

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