A Day in the Life of a Plumbing Construction Worker

This video is an insider look at what a day in the life of a local plumber. This local plumber is a young woman which in itself makes this video interesting. This video is about a construction plumber.

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This is a fun video to watch to learn more about what it takes to be a plumber that works on the construction side of the plumbing industry. Go behind the scenes on a job site and watch what happens in the average day of a construction plumber. Most people do not realize that plumbers do not only work on pipes and connections, they also have to clean up their site and even pour concrete at times.

This young lady is working hard as a plumber and attending class via zoom. It is an interesting watch and would be very beneficial for anyone that is interested in becoming a construction plumber.

Watch this short video to spend a day behind the scenes on a construction site with a plumber. Watch the video now.


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