A Beginner’s Guide to Real Wood Veneer Sheets

Wood vaneer sheets

From cabinets to furniture to floors, wood veneers can transform the look of your interior in a subtle, yet beautiful way. Real wood veneer sheets are made of thin slices of wood glued onto core panels to produce flat panels, which can be affixed to many different surfaces. The veneers can be sliced differently to create a wide variety of grain patterns.

Real wood veneer sheets can be made from virtually any type of wood; each variety has a distinct look and function. And unlike furniture made entirely of wood, veneers aren’t prone to warping and damage, making them a great choice for longevity.

If you’re a newcomer to real wood veneer sheets, don’t worry. Here’s your guide to the most common types of wood veneer sheets:

Bamboo veneer sheets: Light in color, bamboo veneers provide a warm, exotic look to furniture. Bamboo is a tall, thick grass from Asia with a vertical grain. If you like surrounding yourself with rich, tropical ambience, bamboo veneers are right for you.

Cherry veneer sheets: Cherry veneers lean toward the expensive side of the pricing spectrum, especially compared with cheaper woods like oak or birch. However, cherry possesses a smooth grain and rich color that make it popular and a worthwhile investment.

Mahogany veneer sheets: Distinctive for its color, mahogany is a luxurious and exotic way to panel pretty much any surface around your home. Mahogany offers great staining and finishing capacities as well. Like cherry, mahogany can be a pricier option when choosing which veneer to purchase.

Oak sheets: Perhaps the most popular choice in real wood veneer sheets, oak is highly versatile and a fine choice for any interior. They’re probably best-known for their distinctive “chapel”-like grain. Continue reading here: band-itproducts.com

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