5 Kid Friendly Activities to Do in Outer Banks

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The Outer Banks is a great area on the east coast, full of sun, sand, and memories for all. If you are traveling with your family and are looking for some family friendly fun in the Outer Banks, look no further and follow these tips!

1. Learn to surf

There are a lot of different beaches at the Outer Banks, so make sure to take advantage of those waves and go surfing! There are plenty of surf instructors available to give your child a memory– and skill!– that will last a lifetime, just be sure they are CPR certified and hold all the necessary credentials.

2. Go experience nature

This is great especially if you are from a different part of the country. Head on over to The Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education in Corolla to have your kids experience true North Carolina culture. You can learn to fish, explore the beach, and dabble in some nature photography. Best of all, all their activities are free.

3. Go explore aviation history at Kitty Hawk

Kitty Hawk is home to the Wright Brother’s first flight. It was there that aviation literally and figuratively took off, and we can thank Orville and Wilbur for bringing planes to the world. Your child is sure to remember this experience every time they step on an airplane.

4. Head mini-golfing

This family friendly activity never fails to entertain, and you are able to find different themed parks all through the Outer Banks. Make a competition out of it, and whoever loses has to buy dessert!

5. Go see wild horses

There aren’t many other places in the United States where you can see wild horses in person but in Corolla. You can rent a jeep, take a tour, so be ready to be amazed when you see the magnificent creatures up close.

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