4 Top Reasons to Invest In Wooden Entrance Gates

Fences and entrance gates play a huge role in both residential and commercial establishments. From ensuring security to improving privacy, the benefits of a good fence and gate are undisputable. Perhaps that’s why the fencing market is so massive. In the US alone, the fencing market is expected to hit $11.5 billion by 2024.

If you’re planning to install a fence, you need to decide on what type of fence and entrance gate will work best for your home or business premises. The good news is that the options are endless.

Over the years, people have been opting for wood fencing because of the numerous benefits that this type of fencing brings. If you’ve decided to install a wood fence, the next crucial task is to settle on a suitable entrance gate as well. So what type of gate should you choose?

This article discusses four top reasons why wooden entrance gates are the best option.

They Have Great Visual Appeal

Like wooden fences, wooden entrance gates never go out of fashion mainly because of their attractive appearance. That’s why the first thing you notice after installing a wooden gate is a significantly improved curb appeal.

The market offers a wide array of unique styles when it comes to wooden gates, so you can be sure you’ll find something that works perfectly for you. For a countryside appeal, you could opt for a traditional five-bar wooden gate. If you’re looking a more modern, neat and elegant look, go for a timber security gate.

Should you decide to change the exterior décor of your property over time, you can easily alter the finish or color of your wooden gate as well.

Wooden Gates Are Highly Versatile

Regardless of the purpose, you’d like your gate to serve, or where exactly you’d like to install it, you’ll always find something to fit your requirements.

Wooden entrance gates can be designed to fit openings of all kinds of shapes and sizes. These gates can also serve different specific purposes. You can get a gate designed specifically to boost security, to enhance privacy, to improve curb appeal or to provide a professional appearance.

It’s also easy to find an ideal gate for any area of your home or business property. There are fitting gates for large front entrances, driveways and side entrances. Just talk to a reliable Hartford fence company to explore the available options.

Wooden Gates Provide a Lot of Security

The most common reason people install a gate is to keep their home or business secure from intrusion. Wooden entrance gates are remarkably effective when it comes this. While choosing a wooden gate for security purposes, there are several things you’ll want to consider.

Go for hardwood instead of softwood. The reason for this is obvious; hardwood is a lot tougher to break and is incredibly durable compared to softwood. You’ll also want to make sure that the gate has a considerable height to deter thieves from climbing over. Finally, go for reliable locking systems and reinforcement for your gate.

They Are Affordable To Install and Maintain

Because wood is relatively more affordable than most other materials, gates made from this material tend to be cheaper than their counterparts. Of course, there are some general maintenance costs associated with wooden gates, but the low entry price of these gates makes them a highly attractive option for many people.

Besides, once you’ve chosen top-quality wood from a reputable supplier, you don’t need to worry about too many maintenance costs down the road. Ask your fence installation company to make sure that the gate has the necessary protection against discoloration and rot, and the gate will give you excellent service for a long time.

A top quality wooden entrance gate is the perfect addition to a good wooden fence. Not only does the gate instantly add curb appeal to your property, but it also substantially boosts the security of your home or business. And with the unquestionable versatility and affordability that come with wooden entrance gates, it’s no wonder everyone wants them.

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