You’re Doing A House Raising In Mexico Beach FL

You’re doing a house raising Mexico Beach FL. But you’ve heard that your neighbor has a termite problem. Termites can do extensive damage and complicate any house raising Mexico Beach FL or any other location, for that matter. In the U.S., termites wreak havoc to the tune of approximately $750 million each year. The damage includes homes, businesses and other structures. These are the costs, pre-termite treatment.

You want to know what to be aware of and what your house raising and remodeling options are when it comes to the pesky wood eaters. The following are remodeling tips in light of termite damage.

  • Drywall replacement. You may notice a problem with the drywall, if you are the unfortunate host of termites. There may be brown spots, cracking paint on the walls, and sawdust piles near the floorboards. On the ceiling, the drywall may sag. Patching the spots will be futile because termite damage is like an iceberg, you only see the tip. After getting a termite inspection and treatment, you’ll want to hire a contractor to replace damaged drywall. Some termite companies include restoration and treatment.
  • Upgrade or replace cabinets. Cabinets keep your household items stored, out of sight, and protected. However, if termite damage lurks behind the walls anchoring those cabinets, your best bet is to replace the cabinets (due to damage to the cabinets themselves) or to upgrade since you are involved in a remodel or house raising Mexico Beach FL. This is your opportunity to choose the cabinets you’ve dreamed of.
  • Replace wall beams. This is where termites often do the most damage. Termite damage to wall beams can mean structural instability for your home. After a thorough termite inspection and treatment, you’ll need to have a contractor replace your damaged wall beams with new, termite pre-treated beams. This is also an opportunity to have the contractor move a wall or two for your home remodeling or house raising project.
  • Floor coatings for your garage. Your garage may have also been affected, so this is your opportunity to refloor your garage. One option is an…
  • Epoxy floor coating. Epoxy floor coatings both strengthen and improve the aesthetics of your garage. Epoxy is stain resistant, water resistant, and will give your garage floor a polished, showroom look. Your garage will look brand new with an epoxy coated floor.

As you consider your plan for your home remodel or house raising Mexico Beach FL, be sure to get a termite inspection from a reliable pest control company in your area. Next, you’ll want to contact local contractors to get estimates, and to go over your remodel and house raising plans.

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