Your Window Treatment Options Demystified

There are a few things to consider when choosing window treatments. This may apply to inside or outside window treatments. You may opt to have window shades instead of regular curtains if you have a private garden or a shady window where privacy and UV protection are not issues.

Architectural window treatments are designed to accentuate the natural flow of your home, the outside appearance of your house, and to create a stunning focal point. This may include fitting outside blinds, awnings, and tinted window panes.

Some homeowners may ask: “are blinds window treatments,” and the answer is yes. Blinds come in a range of patterns, designs, materials, and functionalities. From roller blinds to Roman blinds and Venetian blinds, blinds can provide the finishing touch to your home’s windows that will make it pleasing to look at and functional too.

Blinds can even be used to create a faux window. This is when a blind is installed to cover a section of wall where there is no window. By adding a light feature behind the blind, you can create the illusion that there is a window, such as with a basement window blind.

Consider doing your home with all window blinds for uniformity and to help improve climate control too.


Window blinds fort myers

Unless you’re one of those cool folks in Australia who have built their home or business below ground, chances are you have windows to contend with. Windows are great for letting in natural light, but they also expose your property to onlookers or potential burglars and can account for up to a 25% loss of heat in the winter due to drafts. If you’re one of the 28 million Americans looking into updating or purchasing new window treatments for your property, we broke down some popular choices below to help best meet your needs:

Curtains are probably your cheapest option as well as the most flexible choice in terms of installment and style. We particularly are a fan of blackout curtains or blackout shades if you own a business, as they can really send the “CLOSED” (dare we say “Abandoned”) message in the off hours and discourage potential thieves. Blackout curtains are also a great way to cater to that late sleeper in your household, and their usually thick fabric ensures heat retention in the winter.

Not that blackout curtains and window blinds are mutually exclusive. Although not as varied in their style and colors as curtains, blinds are a great choice for businesses looking for a sleak, minimalist effect. Furthermore, closed reflective blinds can reduce heat in a room up to 45%, making blinds a great choice for homes and businesses that want to save on air conditioning.

3. Shutters
Shutters in our opinion read like a quainter, bulkier version of blinds. They look best in wood and almost always manage to give off the cozy home effect, which can be great for a small business like a brunch place, soap store, etc. We also adore shutters for a home kitchen, as they’re retro, nostalgic, and really serve to frame that pie you no doubt have cooling on the sill. (Remember, that’s a cliche image because everyone likes pie!)
When you’ve chosen your window treatments, be sure to comment below with snap shots. We’re always eager to see the effect our advice has on the home and business owner!


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