Your DIY Guide To Install Gutters

The Youtube channel, MrFixIt DIY, explains in their video how to install a gutter system on a house.

Gutters are necessary to prevent water from seeping into the ground and ruining the home foundation.

The first step is to carefully measure the length of your roof. Most gutters in stores are sold as 10-foot long pieces made of either aluminum or vinyl.

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You’ll also need to consider buying connector pieces, such as inside and outside corners, end caps, 45-degree elbows, downspout connections, stripping, and down joints.

Slip joints are not recommended to use when connecting gutter pieces. Instead, the two gutter pieces can be directly connected with a small portion of one piece cut out, so that one gutter portion can slide over the other. To ensure a water-tight seal, apply clear sealant, rivets, or gutter screws.

By placing a level on the roof, you can see the ideal spot for installation by placing the gutter just beneath the level edge. It’s also important to lower the gutter a half inch for every ten feet to enable water to properly flow away from your home. Test your gutter system by using a hose.

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