Why You Should Consider Bathtub Refinishing

If your bathtub has seen better days, you might want to consider tub refinishing services. While a good cleaning can always help, some tubs are ready for a whole new look. However, not everyone has the money to replace what they have, and that is why they turn to refinishing.

During a refinishing, you can pick some nice bathtub reglazing colors, and it might seem like you installed a brand new one. However, you should research and understand what happens in this process. You can check out a company’s bathtub resurfacing before and after pictures online to see if you like their work. Not every homeowner likes how a bathtub looks once the job is completed. You might prefer a full remodel, but it’s important to consider all your options before committing to any work.

The truth is that the before and after bathtub refinishing appearance is only the beginning. There are other aspects you’l have to consider before beginning, including how much time it’ll take and the cost, which tends to be a deal-breaker for many homeowners. The bright side is that you’re likely to love your bathtub refinishing before and after photos.

Let’s find out more about why you should consider a bathtub refinishing.

Before you go rub a dub dubbin’ in your old bathtub, take a good, hard look at its surface. Over time, a bathtub’s surface with experience normal wear and tear due to regular use or damage from abrasive and harsh household cleaners. However, the chips, dents, nicks, and scrapes that happen as a result become a breeding ground for dirt and germs. Therefore, not only is an old bathtub unsightly, it can also be dangerous.

However, before you rush out to by the latest and greatest new bathtub money can buy, consider fiberglass bathtub refinishing, also known as tub resurfacing. Fiberglass bathtub refinishing is a process is the of refreshing the surface of a worn, damaged bathtub to a like-new condition.

During this process, a skilled technician will apply Bondo or another kind of putty to the cracks or dents in your tub’s surface. This is then sanded down smooth, after which a top coat is applied. The top coat can be any color of your choice, which makes refinishing a bathtub perfect for bathroom remodels that have unique color schemes. The best part? Tub refinishing typically only costs a few hundred dollars and the results can extend the life of your tub for nearly a decade or more.

Then entire process takes only a few hours to complete and may take up to two days for the enamel to fully cure. Refinishing bathtubs is considered a favorable option to replacing a bathtub, which can cost upwards of thousands of dollars in some cases. While the average cost of a typical bathtub is only a few hundred dollars, this cost does not include the cost of labor, disposal fees, landfill fees, or any complications that may arise with plumbing or electrical work during the installation process.

So before you renovate, considering refinishing. Your pocketbook will be glad you did!


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