Why Custom Home Furniture Should be Part of Your Remodeling Project

Custom designed furniture

If you’re redesigning your luxury home, most home interior designers will tell you that custom made furniture is an absolute must for any truly enchanting living space.

With custom designed furniture, you oversee the manufacturing process from start to finish to ensure that you get the piece you really want. Home interior designers can help you choose materials like wood, stone, glass and recycled material to create the perfect luxury furniture piece for your home.

Most home interior designers will guide you toward materials that fit the space where the piece of custom modern furniture will reside. Wood is one of the most popular materials for custom furniture because it’s easy to obtain, easy to build with, and brings a warm and pleasant feel to any room.

Hardwoods are your most durable options and are usually more expensive than soft woods because they’ll last much longer. Most furniture is constructed using pine, gum, ash and poplar, while cheap woods like pine and fir are used for hidden components. Cheap materials can cut the initial cost of your custom furniture piece, but they’re more likely to give out and rack up hefty repair costs.

With custom furniture, you don’t have to worry about cheap parts mixed in. You can go straight to the top. Cherry, maple, oak, mahogany, walnut and teak are some of the most prized options when creating quality furniture, though cherry and maple are a bit more difficult to craft.

Most homeowners spend anywhere from $2,646 – $3,802 on custom furniture, though many pieces end up costing about the same as showroom furniture or furniture from a chain store. Sometimes, custom furniture is even cheaper.

Ask your interior designer what custom furniture design could do for your remodeling project. You might find yourself surprised at how much the world of custom furniture has to offer.

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