When to Hire Professionals to Remove Rats

For many thousands of years, humanity has built civilization around the world, and this means having permanent structures and farming. This transformed the human race, but the construction of permanent settlements came with its own unique challenges. For millennia, people have farmed and cultivated grain, fruits, and vegetables, and all this has to be stored for later use. However, this also invites some unwanted guests, and rodents such as mice and rats are eager to get into these stockpiles of food. In fact, it is widely believed that wildcats were domesticated to work as rat catchers, keeping local mouse and rat populations under control to protect grain and food stocks. Some dogs may have had a similar job, too. Today, despite modern tech and cities, rats and mice continue to be a nuisance, appearing everywhere from private homes to restaurants and beyond. Modern animal removal tan take a variety of forms, and unwanted rodents can be captured or even killed before they cause harm. Squirrel control may be an issue for suburban homes near trees, and squirrel removal is also a possibility.

The Damage of Rodents

Why is it imperative to get rid of invading rats, mice, and squirrels? These animals are not venomous, and they are not large enough to seriously injure a person. All the same, they can cause all sorts of issues. For one, the age-old problem of food theft is still present. Current estimates say that as much as 20% of all modern food stores are eaten or contaminated by mice, rats, and other unwanted wildlife. Without modern wildlife control, this figure could be as high as 50%. Whether in the Stone Age or now, food is food, and rats and mice will steal it whenever they get a chance.

Rats and mice are also highly unsanitary, and not just because of their droppings. Rodents may carry disease such as rabies, and they can transmit these diseases to people and pets alike when they bite. Rats and mice prefer to run than fight, but if cornered, they may scratch or bite. On top of that, such rodents also carry fleas, and these fleas can be easily transmitted to people or pets. In fact, the infamous Black Death was spread by the bite of fleas carried on rats who invaded Europe from Asian trading ships. At the time, cats were widely killed in witch hunts, and this made the rat problem even worse. Animal removal and control was nonexistent in the 1300s, and the results are widely known.

Modern animal removal and control is also necessary because rats and mice love to chew. They use chewing to control the growth of their teeth, and these rodents often target wood, plastic pipes, and electrical cables for their chewing needs. This can ware out wood and make it look ugly, and chewed utilities may start to malfunction. Squirrels in particular are known for doing this, and can ruin a house’s utilities. This is where animal removal methods come in.

Modern Animal Removal

Today’s animal removal is more advanced than using cats to catch rats on the farm. Entire companies are based on animal removal, and they have plenty of work to do, especially in cities. Modern cities offer abundant food sources and safe hiding spaces alike for rats and mice, allowing them to thrive. Recently, New York City, San Francisco, and Chicago have all reported growing rates of rodent complaint phone calls, showing that this problem is not going away anytime soon. But all the same, steps can be taken.

For small infestations, a homeowner may set out classic-style mouse traps, baited cages for live capture, or even poison pellets. Great caution should be taken, however, since poison pellets may be accidentally ingested by pets or toddlers.

For larger infestations, professional animal removal crews can be hired. They may seal a building in a sort of tent to prevent air leaks, then discharge poison gas that will kill all invading rats and mice in the home. Once the rats’ bodies are cleared out and the house is scrubbed clean, the home can be used again. In restaurants, the establishment can be closed temporarily while live capture cages or rat traps may be used.

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