What You Should Know About The Dangers Of Radon

When it comes to radon, things should be taken very seriously indeed. After all, radon might be a gas that is both odorless and invisible to the naked human eye, but there is just no denying the many dangers that radon can pose – as well as the dramatic consequences that it can lead to. For instance, it has been found that being in a place (especially for a considerable amount of time) where your radon exposure is high can leave you at risk for conditions such as lung cancer.

The data surrounding the link between lung cancer and radon exposure is quite plentiful indeed. It shows that radon exposure has actually become one of the top leading causes of lung cancer, second behind tobacco and cigarette consumption alone. Sadly, this means that radon alone leads to as many as 20,000 different cases of lung cancer related death over the course of just one single year – and that’s just here in the United States alone, let alone anywhere else in the world as we know it.

Unfortunately, radon exposure – and radon exposure at levels that exceed the action level set by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) – are far too commonplace. It has even been found that for every 15 homes, at least one will have radon levels that are at or exceeding this action level. In some parts of the country, matters are even far more grave. For about seven states found throughout the United States, high levels of radon are so prevalent that up to a full one third of all homes can be found with high concentrations of radon. And the same can be said for the homes that are found on three separate Native American lands. Knowing this, the dangers of radon and how they are impacting the lives of people all throughout the country becomes all the more clear.

But what can you do to prevent yourself (and your family or household) from being exposed to radon, especially high levels of radon, on a regular basis? For one thing, those getting sump pumps installed by a local sump pump installation service should also inquire about radon testing. Fortunately, many a local sump pump installation service will be able to provide the radon testing that is desired. But as this is a common way that radon can enter the home, every single local sump pump installation service should be made aware of it. A local sump pump installation service can also provide services such as sump pump excavation. It will be important to utilize radon testing through your local sump pump installation service for these matters as well.

In addition to any given local sump pump installation service, radon testing and inspection companies can be found all throughout the United States. Unlike the local sump pump installation service, radon testing companies can offer their services even when your sump pump is not directly in need of servicing. Typically, a radon testing company will offer one of two types of tests. First is the short term radon detector, which can be used for as few as two full days (though it can sometimes be used for as many as 90 days, something that should not be overlooked). In addition to the short term radon detector, long term radon detectors can also be utilized by your average radon mitigation and abatement service. A long term test will be able to detect and monitor the levels of radon in your home for more than the 90 days that the short term radon detector is able to offer.

At the end of the day, radon in your home is nothing to take lightly. In fact, not taking the potential presence of radon in your home as seriously as you should be is something that can even prove to be life threatening. Fortunately, there are many radon testing services that can be utilized all throughout the United States. Getting your home tested for radon is always a good idea, even if personally you think that your risk of being exposed to high levels of radon is really quite low. It is certainly better to be safe than to be sorry.

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