What You Need to Know About Cleaning Out Gutters This Spring

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Owning a home requires attention to detail and regular maintenance. The best way to keep repair costs down is to stay on top of the little things that often end up causing issues. Gutter repair and maintenance are critical to keeping your roof from leaking. Read on for tips on this critical type of maintenance.

Where can I find affordable aluminum gutter supplies?

If you’re doing your own maintenance, there are tons of online retailers offering fantastic prices on the materials you’ll need to get the job done, including aluminum gutters and downspouts, aluminum gutters that look like copper and tons of other options.

I can’t find the supplies I need. Is there another name for gutter?

Not really. Gutter is pretty much as specific as it gets. Consider searching for terms such as roof drain or roof drainage, or roof pipes, but ultimately, “gutter” is the word you’re looking for here. If you’re having trouble finding the materials and supplies you need, it might be time to consult an expert. If there are specific local linguistic conventions commonly used in your area to identify a gutter, a local roofing expert should be able to help you out and provide detailed information.

Types of roofs

Spring has sprung (at least officially, though some parts of the country are still waiting for warm weather to kick in), and that means it’s time for spring cleaning. One outside task you shouldn’t forget is cleaning out gutters. Here’s what you need to know about it:

Why You Should Clean Out Gutters

Most homeowners probably know, in theory at least, why gutters and downspouts are so important to maintaining a home. They are designed to move water away from vulnerable areas of the home, such as the roof, siding and foundation, so that it flows harmlessly into drains. But in order to actually accomplish this task, gutters need to be clear of debris. That means getting out leaves, twigs and general muck. When you’re cleaning out gutters, you should also look out for signs of deterioration signaling you need gutter repair. The project may seem like a pain, but you’ll wish you’d done it if you end up with water damage down the road.

When to Clean Out Gutters

Ideally, you should clean out your gutters twice a year: once in the spring, and once in the fall. A spring cleaning will get out anything that may have plugged them up over the winter and get them ready for spring rains, while a cleaning in the autumn will address falling leaves (which is a problem particularly for homes with trees near the roofline). The springtime is also a good time to schedule a roof inspection in conjunction with cleaning out gutters — that way you’ll head off any other damage that could lead to water problems, and keep up your roof warranty if you have one.

How to Clean Out Gutters

There are gutter cleaning tools that can make this task much easier. Before you embark on it, however, you should assess both outside conditions and your own health. Do you have back problems or poor balance? Do you have a second or even third story on your house that you’ll need to reach? Is there no firm ground on which you can place a ladder? In these cases (or if you just don’t feel like doing it), then hiring a professional is the way to go. A handyman will probably be the most affordable way to get the job done right — and you can supervise from the comfort of solid ground.

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