What NOT To Do When Building a Deck!

As a deck is a valuable addition to any house, it’s important to make sure you build it properly. In this video, Dr. Decks explains common mistakes that deck builders must avoid to ensure that their decks are built to last.

The first mistake is not having a plan.

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If deck builders start construction before sketching out a plan, it’ll be much easier for them to make mistakes. Another mistake is using undersized footings. Deck builders should ask their engineers what size of footing they need. If the footing is too small, it could get dislodged. If you are using improper-sized framing, this could be detrimental. Framing can cause problems if it’s too wide or narrow, so deck builders should calculate it before building.

Improper attachment to the house is another common mistake. Any possibility of a deck detaching from the house is a safety hazard, so deck builders should attach their decks thoroughly! If you have improper joist spacing, you will need to adjust this. If deck builders space joists too far apart, said spacing can make a deck warp. Finally, improper blocking is a big mistake. Deck builders should use solid blocking for each deck’s rail system to make sure that the legs have something sturdy to hold on to.

By avoiding these mistakes, deck builders can build safely and well!.

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