What Is Your Favorite Kind of Kitchen Flooring?

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What would your dream kitchen look like? Would it have black granite countertops? Floor to ceiling maple wood cabinets? Terrazzo floor made from recycled glass? Interior design is important to every part of a home. Some would argue though that the kitchen design is what people remember most after they visit a house. Throughout history kitchens have been gathering places for both family and friends. When you have the chance to build a new home or remodel a current home, paying careful attention to the details in your kitchen is very important. The first decision a homeowner often has to make in kitchen design is the flooring.
A major decision in any kitchen is the choice of flooring. Nearly 95% of consumers prefer hardwood for the common living areas of a home, including the kitchen. Hardwood floors are a popular option because they are easy to clean and maintain. While wood flooring is a popular traditional choice, many designers encourage homeowners to consider a different look for their new or remodeled kitchen floors.
Another popular kitchen flooring option is tile. While many different tiles are used in kitchens through out America, a new trend is to use travertine polishing as a way to prepare a durable kitchen floor surface. Travertine is a form of limestone that is deposited by mineral springs, most often hot springs. This hard surface often has a fibrous or circular appearance and can be white, tan, or cream. Occasionally some rust colored varieties are available. The process of travertine polishing turns the porous surface of the limestone to a glossy finish.
Some flooring options are popular because many homeowners are concerned about using environmentally friendly material. For example, a terrazzo floor can actually incorporate 100% recycled glass aggregate. This combination creates a material that contains as much as 75% recycled raw material by volume. Travertine tile cleaning is easier when the polished version is used. In fact, the proper travertine cleaning and sealing can make this floor easier to maintain.
Terrazzo flooring has a rich history that dates back over 1500 years. Wood flooring is a popular option in many new homes. Wood floor maintenance is very simple, but tile and grout cleaning services can take a little more time. Before you select the flooring for your new or remodeled kitchen, make sure that you consider both traditional and new options.

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