What Are the Most Popular Outdoor Home Improvements?


Every homeowner values outdoor spaces, and many people prefer to buy homes that have backyards, patios, decks and water features. Once you’ve found your ideal home in the ideal location, the next step is to turn to landscaping and gardening to create a calm and relaxing environment. Whether your idea of relaxation is a quiet evening for two or a house full of guests partying into the wee hours, swimming pools are an essential part of that picture.

Inground pools add charm and character
Water features add interest and a soothing element to the landscape. A swimming pool serves many practical purposes: exercise, relaxation, a cool place to retreat on hot summer days, and the perfect setting for outdoor entertainment. And it’s hard to beat the visual appeal of a cool blue pool surrounded by lush greenery and flowers.
With so many different designs, styles and materials, swimming pools can be customized to match your home and and your lifestyle. Adding outdoor kitchens and outdoor firepits makes entertaining a breeze.
Serving both aesthetic and practical purposes, swimming pools are near the top of homeowners’ and home buyers’ wish lists. Swimming pools and outdoor living spaces add to a home’s value as well.

Swimming pools add to the value of your home
According to the Husqvarna Global Garden Report for 2012, nearly two thirds or 63% of respondents would pay more for an apartment or house if it was near green spaces. This was more important to respondents than good shopping which was cited by 34% as a reason to pay a higher price, and good cultural venues, cited by 33% of the respondents.
For a number of reasons, homeowners like to focus on their backyards when considering home improvement projects. This could include landscaping, adding water features or swimming pools. Almost three out of four or 73% of homeowners improving their outdoor spaces add outdoor structures, like seating, cupolas, arches and even outdoor kitchens. Nearly half of all outdoor home improvements, or 43%, add a patio or terrace to the yard.

Popular choices for home improvement
Like swimming pools, patios and terraces are both beautiful and practical, adding charm and character to the house as well a living space. Outdoor lighting, seating and kitchens are other popular improvements. Adding a deck or an awning extends the amount of time that can be spent outdoors.
Perhaps the most important reason that people have a for making improvements to their outdoor spaces is that they like to spend time there. More than half or 51% of homeowners who make additions to their outdoors spaces spend six hours a week there. Adding and improving the outdoor features of your home gives you a special place to retreat to, or to invite your friends and guests to enjoy.

When it comes to outdoors home improvements, DIY is not a good idea. Especially when it comes to decks, patios and swimming pools, there are all kinds of safety considerations and regulations that must be followed. As the poet said, if winter’s here, can spring be far behind? It’s exactly the right time to start planning for your outdoor home improvements for the next season.

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