What are the benefits of area rugs?

When deciding on the decor in your home you can choose from hundreds of different styles, designs, and accessories to amp up your space and make it your own. Area rugs are one of the biggest decisions you can make and can add a touch of class to any room. So what are the benefits of area rugs and why should you consider them in your decor?

If you live in a home with hardwood, laminate or tile it can get quite cold on your feet and cost a lot of money to heat up the room. By adding an area rug to your room you can decrease the amount of heat needed to warm up the room. Shag carpets are a great way to add warmth and comfort to every hard, cold floor in your home. Saving on your heating costs is important to everyone as your money can be better allocated to more enjoyable things for you and your family.

If you live in a home where you have people living around you, underneath you, or beside you it would be greatly appreciated by everyone if you had shag area rugs all over your hard floor. Walking on hard flooring is very loud and can vibrate the entire home, by adding a few area rugs to your home you can reduce noise and reduce stress with your neighbors. If you have kids adding shag carpets can cushion the blow when they fall, reduce the amount they slip, and silence their heavy footsteps. The echo factor in your home gets dropped by adding carpets as well making even your voices sound quieter to your neighbors. Reducing the echo can make you home more inviting and not sound so hollow and empty as well. Your rug’s edges would look best if they were 12 to 14 inches from the room’s perimeter.

Having area rugs strategically placed around your home can reduce the amount of pain you feel for standing for long periods of time. Having a shag rug beneath your feet while standing to do the dishes can take the strain off your feet and spine. Standing to do your hair in the bathroom, standing to make dinner, or even standing to fold laundry can feel a lot better after you place a rug between you and the hard floor.

Area rugs are great for making your floor a comfortable play space for the entire family. Resting on soft shag carpets to play board games is much nicer than lying on the cold hardwood or tile. You will be able to choose furnishings and accessories to match your area rugs with ease when you have a limited amount of patterns and colors that will go well with them.

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