What Air Compressors Do for Your Car

Updated: 2/4/2022

Your car requires compressors for several different systems, so it is important that you have them working at all times. You should also know some air compressor basics. That way, when you need repairs, you can easily tell the garage the air compressor names and match them on the air compressor size chart. This will help you get the exact help you need in a short amount of time. If you can explain what is going on, the garage won’t need to do as much investigating. This can save you time and potentially labor costs.

If you need advanced air compressors, you should get them installed by a professional. If you try to do it yourself and something goes wrong, it can impact your car’s air conditioning, engine, and suspension. The repair bills for those will be much higher than the cost of getting new air compressors installed. So make sure that you get a good garage to do it. While this might cost a little more money, it is a good investment in your car’s safety.

The purpose of an air compressor is to compress and cool down air that flows through an engine system. Using air compressor piping and strut cushion clamps, they help to make vehicles function at a better capacity. They also work to provide air conditioning to your care. They are an important part of your car’s inner functions and are something that should be maintained over time for the best results. Below is a closer look at what these systems do for your vehicle and why their maintenance is important.

Air Conditioning

The A/C systems in our vehicles rely on an air compression system to function. When you turn on the air conditioning in your car, you are telling it to activate the air compressor and start the cooling process. The air has to go through a series of cooling and purifying steps before it is blown through the vents, and this process is aided by the help of compression tubing. Without a functioning compressor your A/C wouldn’t work properly, so if you’re having problems in that department you might want to get your compressor looked at.

Powering the Engine

Engines don’t run well on hot air. They need air that is cooled and filled with oxygen in order to function properly. When they receive this kind of air, they are able to give more power and better performance. This is another reason why compressed air systems in your vehicle are so important. Your car uses this process to cool down gasses released by the exhaust and release them again at a higher pressure to supply oxygen to the engine. This is especially important in performance vehicles that need more power to live up to their potential.

Better Suspension

The use of strut cushion clamps and air compressor pipes are also used for air suspension kits. These kits used the pressurized air to provide a smooth ride and more absorption of bumps and vibration. This is important for both handling and comfort, and is can be used in modified vehicles to better their performance.

These systems play a big part in the automotive world. Whether you drive a performance vehicle or just want some good air conditioning in the summer months, maintaining your car’s air compressors is an important part of caring for you vehicle.

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