Want to Add More Space to Your Home? Try Screening in Your Garage

Retractable screens for porches

Summer is the perfect time to spend your hours in the great outdoors. But if you don’t have adequate shade or a comfortable place to sit, then suddenly the warm weather can feel too oppressive. Homeowners, however, have a solution that can turn their houses into a summertime oasis. With just a little bit of work, using a garage door screen can turn a simple garage into an additional room on the house.

Garage door screens come in a variety of forms. Some screen doors are retractable, meaning that they can be pulled up or down. Retractable garage door screens provide an easy way to get in and out of the garage and are generally easy to have installed. Some garage door screen kits can even be installed by homeowners themselves.

So why should you consider turning your garage into an enclosed area for the summer? Here are three reasons to screen in your garage:

    1. Get more out of your home with a screened-in garage. Your home only has so much square footage, so why not make the most of it during the summer? Even a one or two car garage can provide the perfect spot to enjoy the nice weather without having to sit in direct sunlight. Garage door screen kits make it possible for homes without sun porches or three season rooms to get a little bit more out of their space. Just make sure to park the cars outside and do a bit of cleaning in your garage, and you have a great new spot for your home. Add some tables and chairs and other furniture to make the space unique.

    2. Use your garage for entertaining. Summertime often means picnics and barbecues, so why not take advantage of a screened-in garage to use as an entertainment venue? A screened in garage can provide a comfortable, shaded spot to have guests over. It’s also an extra space for the whole family.

    3. Keep the bugs out and pets in. One of the downsides of spending time outdoors in the summer is that the insects are out in full force. By using screens on your garage, you can keep bees, wasps, and mosquitoes away from you and your kids. You can also ensure that pets stay safe in the summer. If you’re worried about your cat or dog shredding your screen, make sure to find pet-resistant, heavy duty screens.

If you would like to screen your garage in, check with a vendor of garage door screen kits to find out which options are right for your home. Have more questions? Leave a comment below.

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