Unlocking Schlages Cylindrical Lock Functions

In hardware security, Schlage cylindrical locks emerge as a reliable choice, offering tailored solutions for diverse needs. Here are prominent cylindrical lock functions by Schlage.

Passage Lock (ND 10s):

Ideal for areas requiring constant access, the ND 10s ensures both levers are perpetually unlocked, facilitating unrestricted passage. Commonly found in conference rooms, it embodies simplicity where constant locking is unnecessary.

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Privacy Lock (ND 40s):

The ND 40s introduces a push button on the inside lever, providing instant privacy by locking the outside lever. Emergency access is granted with a small screwdriver, catering to spaces needing occasional seclusion.

Office Lock (ND 50 PD):

Balancing key control and accessibility, the ND 50 PD integrates a push button on the inside lever and a key on the outside lever. It is ideal for securing office spaces and ensures controlled access through either external key or manual inside lever turning.

Classroom Lock (ND7 DPD):

Tailored for educational settings, the ND7 DPD offers key-controlled access on the outside lever while keeping the inside lever always unlocked. This balance allows authorized personnel to manage classroom access effectively.

Storeroom Lock (ND ATPD):

Designed for limited-access spaces, the ND ATPD features a fixed outside lever with key-activated latch bolt. This ensures security without hindering internal mobility, making it ideal for storage areas.

Schlage cylindrical locks provide a comprehensive toolkit for addressing varying security needs. Whether opting for the simplicity of Passage Locks or the advanced security of Classroom Security Locks, understanding these basics helps decision-makers select the perfect hardware security solution.


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