Unexpected Buildings That You Can Live In

Unique home renovations

Historic home renovations can turn an old, beaten down house into your very own dream home. But what about turning an old, abandoned building into a livable house? Here are four types of buildings that can been renovated by contemporary architects into modern, fully functional homes. Who knows, they might inspire you to think up your own ideas for home renovation.


When a business abandons a factory, the structure is often left to sit and rot. However, many modern architects have been renovating old factories into mansions, apartment buildings, or even entire housing complexes. These buildings often have strong support systems, which makes them the perfect skeleton for contemporary housing units.


Churches are often remembered for their beautiful architectural structures and high ceilings. These features are what make many home builders target abandoned churches, turning them into beautiful, modern living spaces. What could be better than having a room with ceiling high stained glass windows?

Fire Towers

If you’re looking to get a little more fresh air, you may want to look for an old fire tower to renovate. Fire towers are built to be withstand inclement weather, and the height makes for an amazing view. Turning a fire tower into a house is a great way to ensure you have complete and total privacy at all times.


There’s at least one unused billboard in every city, so why not have them renovated into new homes? Contemporary architects have been creating plans for small, modern homes built out of abandoned billboards. Not to mention the amazing veiws and prime city location that comes with it!

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