Two Ways to Properly Maintain Your HVAC System

Although we rely on them today for comfort and maintaining better health, the humble air conditioner has not yet cooled homes for 100 years. Your home and business depend upon your air heating and cooling system to keep the temperatures bearable during late spring and summer.

Each year, before the warm season hits, you should have your air mechanical systems cleaned and tested. This maintenance visit can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars on your energy bills because it can uncover problems before you use the system.

Problems typically develop in one of two main areas — the air duct ventilation system or the coils. You need to test the air heating and air conditioning before you need it. Common problems in summer include high humidity indoors because the system developed coolant issues that caused freezing on the coils. This requires air conditioning repair.

While most systems last a long time, often up to 20 years, sometimes, repair gives way to replacement. You need a professional HVAC installer to remove the existing system and replace it with a new HVAC unit.

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Did you know that British scholar S.F. Markham stated that air conditioning was the greatest contribution to civilization in the 20th century? Although people have been attempting to control the temperature of their indoor surroundings for millennia, the first modern air conditioner was created in 1902. Air conditioners are important HVAC systems, which means they must be maintained appropriately so that they work properly at all times. There are two main ways to preserve a functional air conditioner, and both are beneficial in their own ways.

1. HVAC inspection. HVAC inspections must be done regularly to ensure that every component in your air conditioner is operational. HVAC technicians will not only make sure everything is functional, but they will also replace any HVAC duct parts that are defective, as well. All types of air conditioners need to be inspected, including window air conditioners, which were first introduced in 1932. Since HVAC technicians are professionals in heating and cooling, seeking their assistance is the most effective way to maintain a functional air conditioner.

2. Do it yourself. Although thorough HVAC inspections must be done by a professional, you also have the option of preserving your air conditioner yourself. However, before you attempt to perform any maintenance on your air conditioner, you must consult electrician safety tips and plumbing safety tips to ensure that you are protected from the dangers of working on an HVAC system. Some repairs can be relatively safe, such as changing filters and cleaning evaporator coils, but others, such as fixing electrical connections, often require help from a professional.

Although air conditioners gained widespread popularity when more than one million residential units were sold in 1953, air conditioners must be maintained properly. This can be done by getting professional HVAC inspections or doing it yourself, and both options are beneficial in their own ways. By obtaining the right HVAC duct supplies and choosing the option that is right for you, your air conditioner will work more efficiently. Good references here.


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