Travertine The Best Flooring Option that You’ve Never Heard of

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When looking to upgrade their homes, most homeowners automatically go with hardwood flooring. It’s a natural choice, looks great in the home, and can last for decades if properly maintained. Hardwood floors also have great investment value and can often up the price of the house considerably: generally, homeowners who invest in hardwood for their kitchens or living rooms can expect to add value to the home at a rate of twice their original cost of installation and maintenance.

Carpet is also extremely popular among homeowners: more than half wanted carpets either in their living rooms or their bedrooms. However, carpet needs to be cleaned at least once a year and that maintenance can tax the value of the original investment. For a home in a region that has four seasons, carpet can really make a house into a home. Hardwood floors have general appeal and are easier to maintain, but carpeting in the bedrooms and hallways — even bathrooms in some colder regions — adds to the overall comfort and charm of any residence.

Travertine tile is another option, a kind of harder, heavier limestone. It comes in several natural shades and is able to be sealed by a professional. Travertine floor cleaning is best done without acidic solutions, as it is porous and will absorb whatever is put onto it. Travertine floor polishing is best done every few years, and with an annual demand approaching 1 million tons per annum, travertine cleaning by professionals is highly recommended by experts in the field to maintain a pleasant shine and a solid seal on the tile.

Homeowners are increasingly gravitating toward travertine cleaning by professionals because travertine tile cleaning — with a professionally applied sealant — allows the homeowner to simply buff out most scratches with a wet cloth or fabric mop. Travertine polishing should be done every three to five years, and homeowners are finding that the natural beauty of the stones can contribute to a very satisfying ROI for their home or commercial property.

Travertine cleaning by professionals, along with routine travertine cleaning and sealing, is essential for extending the life of a versatile stone that is becoming increasingly popular.

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