Top Practical Features to Add in Your Custom Home Design

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If you’re considering contacting a custom home builder to look at custom home designs, there are several features you should be careful not to overlook. Here are just a few:

  • Electrical outlets should be put in everywhere you may need them before the custom home builders seal everything up. Include plenty of outlets in the kitchen, especially if you have an island or peninsula. Place outlets anywhere you’re planning to place holiday decorations as well. You can never have enough outlets in your bathroom and bedroom for shavers, hairdriers and other personal care items. It might be nice to have a few outdoor outlets too, especially if you plan to hang out on a porch or patio.
  • Garage heating is a great feature for homes in chilly or snowy climates. You’ll be warm when you get in your car in the morning, and when you come home at night, any snow or ice you’ve built up will help quickly. Your pets may also be grateful for the extra heated space. Just make sure you insulate your garage if you decide to go this route. A hot water spout and a drain in the floor may also be nice additions to your garage.
  • Mud rooms are crucial for people who live in cold or damp areas. Instead of tracking water and mud into a kitchen or grand hallway, you can put in a separate room for people to take off shoes, hang coats and shed snow. This keeps any outdoor mess contained to one room so the rest of your home stays clean.

  • Alarm systems are easiest to install during the custom home building process. If you have a longer driveway, an alarm to tell you when cars have turned onto it may be handy. You can also install security alarms and alarms that signal when utilities are about to fail so you can take action.

  • Backup generators won’t be needed most of the time, but when they are needed, you’ll be happy to have one. By asking your custom home builder to integrate one into your new home, you’ll save yourself a costly (and potentially impossible) remodel down the line.

Remember, building these systems in right when you start the house is the best way to save on remodeling costs later. Get more here.

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