Tips for Keeping Your Custom Wood Cabinets in Tip-Top Shape

Custom wood cabinets

Custom wood kitchen cabinets are one of the most beautiful, functional and long-lasting investments you can make for the most important room in your home. And although custom wood cabinets cost more, one of their greatest advantages is that they tend to be made of much more durable materials than their stock or semi-custom counterparts, and therefore last much longer. But even the best custom cabinets won’t last forever without proper care, especially against the splatters, spills and greasy buildup that characterize the kitchen. Here’s how to take better care of your custom cabinets:

Regular Dusting

As part of your regular cleaning routine, dust your cabinets with a soft, dry cloth (inside and out). Don’t use specialty dusting products or aerosol sprays. You should also stay away from wax, which will actually create a buildup on the doors and attract more dust.

Gentle Washing

Most custom wood kitchen cabinets will require periodic washing to remove oily residues. How often you need to do this will likely depend on how often you fry foods, as well as other factors such as ventilation over the stovetop. When your cabinets feel sticky or greasy to the touchy, wash them with a soft rag dipped in a solution of mild dish detergent and warm water. Wipe with a damp cloth and then immediately dry. Never use harsh cleaning products on real wood.

Glass Cleaning

Cleaning glass-front kitchen cabinets requires a little care. Spray ammonia-free cleaner onto a soft cloth and then wipe the insides and outsides of the glass panels. It’s important that you never spray the glass cleaner onto the glass itself, as the solution could run or seep behind the dividers or frame holding the glass and cause moisture damage.

Minor Tune-Ups

In addition to caring for the finish of your custom made cabinets, you should also be aware of the hardware. Handles and drawer pulls can usually be polished with a soft cloth, though you should pay attention to care instructions if you’ve gone with a more unusual high-end metal. You should also take the time to lubricate drawer tracks and hinges about once yearly, and tighten up any screws that may have gotten loose.

Do you have any other care tips for custom wood kitchen cabinets? Share them in the comments.

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