Three Warning Signs Your Sewer Lines Are Damaged

Replacing sewer line

A healthy sewer system is one of the most important parts of the way we’re able to live today. Indoor plumbing is something that most people take for granted and don’t pay much attention to until there’s something wrong with it. The problem is that there usually aren’t any warning signs until the damage is done and raw sewage starts seeping into the lawn and are faced with an unexpected sewer line repair cost. Here are a few early red flags that you need sewer line cleaning or repair.

1. Changes in water pressure or flow.
One sign that you probably need to look into replacing sewer lines is if you notice any changes in water pressure or flow. Water pressure refers to the physical force with which water comes out of a pipe. Water flow refers to the actual amount of water is coming through the pipe. If you notice significant or varying changes in either, this could mean your sewer lines are in trouble.

2. A sharp rise in your water bill.
Another indicator that something might be wrong with your sewer lines is if you notice a sharp rise in your water bills. Depending on how often you’re billed for water, a problem could arise and progress without your even noticing, so don’t depend on this as a good way of knowing whether or not your sewer lines are in good shape. However, if you do see a large, unexpected spike in your water bill, you might be in need of sewer line repair.

3. Stubborn and persistent clogs.
Aside from a hike in your bill and changes in your water pressure or flow, stubborn or persistent clogs are also red flags that something might be wrong with your sewer lines. In some cases, tree roots in sewer lines can create clogs and catch debris, leading to worse clogs. If you’re noticing tough clogs and standing water, you’re probably going to need sewer line repair.

Have you seen any other warning signs that a sewer line is damaged? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. Continue.

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