Three Steps Every Homeowner Should Take for the Health of Their Sewer Systems

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Sewer line back up is probably one of the worst things imaginable for any homeowner. Raw sewage soaking any lawn is not only going to smell foul and be messy but it can actually be dangerous and a costly fix. Keeping an eye on the sewer system at your home is really important. It’s easy to forget about but modern plumbing is not some magical process in which everything you flush or dump down a drain will magically disappear. Here are three things that every homeowner needs to do to make sure sure that his or her sewer system is in good working order.

1. An Initial Inspection
Experts say that you should do a camera inspection of sewer lines before you even buy a home, but if you didn‘t that’s okay. Do one as soon as possible to make sure that there are no existing problems that need to be addressed. One of the most common culprits for sewer line failure is tree roots in sewer lines so be sure to check for those, as they can grow into the pipes and cause clogs.

2. Sewer Line Cleaning
If you know that your sewer lines generally don’t have anything wrong with them, you should just get them cleaned every few years to make sure that there are no build ups that could escalate to bigger problems and lead to a need for sewer line repair. Dumping food or grease down the sink or flushing any bulky items can be really problematic and ultimately lead to repairs.

3. Sewer Line Replacement
If your sewer lines are damaged, do not wait. Sewer line repair is not something you wait to do until you have a yard-ful of raw sewage brewing next to your driveway. It’s not pleasant, but plumbing technology has advanced enough that it’s really much less a production than it used to be. In fact, there are even methods for trenchless sewer line replacement.

Do you have any tips for making sure the sewer system at your home is healthy? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.

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