Three Reasons a Home-Hugging Tree Can Be Dangerous

Average cost of tree removal

There are probably plenty of things you don’t want to do in your yard — crouch down to pull out weeds, get rid of pesky mushrooms, and keep away the rabbits that eat up your plants. But you would probably never want to get rid of one of the most precious things nature has to offer us: a tree.

Calling a tree removal company is necessary, however, if your tree is too close to your house. There are simply too many dangers associated with having a tree right next to your home’s windows and its foundation for you to ignore.

Here are a few of the problems you will likely face.

  • Drainage Pipes. If a tree’s roots reach far enough below, they can be strong enough to penetrate through drainage pipes and severely damage them. If the pipes have any cracks, the roots will fight their way through, and the added moisture from the pipes will also stimulate further root growth.
  • Roofing. The shade of overhanging branches can be pleasant, but without proper tree trimming equipment or at least calling tree trimming companies on a regular basis, you could be placing the roof of your house in harm’s way. During a winter storm, or heavy rainfall, a loose branch, or a bunch of them, can easily crash down on your roof, tearing away shingles and even breaking into your home.
  • Water Damage. When branches and leaves lean too close to your house, you run the risk of clogging the gutters. During the fall or winter, when the leaves begin to fall, they could land in your gutter along with other debris from the tree, and completely clog the flow of water. This could stagnate the water, and also cause a back flow, potentially pushing water into your home.

Tree removal prices will vary based on the size, age, and girth of your tree. If tree removal professionals can get the tree down easily, you will only be looking at a couple of hundred dollars to cut it down.

But ultimately, it would be smart to ignore tree removal prices regardless of the dollar signs, because it will help protect you, your family, and your home from even more costly repairs.

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