Things to Remember When Picking Out Textile Solutions

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Comfortable seating is a huge crowd pleaser no matter what business you are in, but ESPECIALLY if you work in the airline or movie theater industries where individuals remain seated for long durations at a time. In fact, research from TripAdvisor indicates that 30% of Americans reported that comfortable seating was the biggest improvement that an airline could make. Ensuring that the material of the seats are durable, comfortable and safe is crucial in ensuring the happiness of your business customers.

Industrial fabric manufacturers offer a wide variety of textile
solutions for businesses including different polyester blends and kinds of upholstery. Read on to learn some tips and trips for finding the best textile solutions for your business with industrial textile manufacturers!

Getting the Bang for Your Buck with Industrial Fabric Manufacturers:

  • Statistics shows that over 8 million individuals fly in airplanes everyday. That means that the material on the seats can get easily worn down in a very short amount of time — a lot of people are sitting in those seats for long distances. When choosing textile solutions for an airline business, durability should definitely be a concern. Ask any commercial fabric manufacturers what they would best recommend.
  • For both movie theaters and airplanes, temperature also plays a big factor in ensuring the comfort of individuals. Both airplanes and movie theaters are often very cool, so you do not want to utilize fabrics that will also reflect that coolness to an extreme level.
  • Another thing to keep in mind are health and safety concerns. With so many people coming in and out of the same seats, the material covering them needs to be able to be easily wiped down and sanitized by the staff to prevent any major spread of bacteria. Try to avoid fabrics that retain liquids and can easily stain as well — movie theaters are known for spills and any turbulence in an airplane can send drinks and snacks going in all different directions.
  • When you choose an industrial fabric company to work with for your textile solutions, make sure you come to them with a basic idea of what you want so that they can best help to meet those needs. It also helps to come with a basic budget outline so you can stay in your price range while still getting high quality fabric.

Have you ever had to choose seating fabrics for an airline or movie theater company? What are some tips you would suggest? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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