These Tips and Tricks Make Choosing Carpet For Your Home Easy

Selecting new flooring

According to a recent survey, carpet dominates a little over 50% of the flooring market. This popular flooring choice is ideal for comfortable, living spaces because let’s be honest–sometimes we need to kick off our shoes and dig our toes into a nice, squishy, soft carpet.
But when embarking on a carpet installation project, choosing carpet for your home can be difficult. But selecting new flooring doesn’t have to be difficult. This article will discuss various carpet types and flooring ideas that will make choosing carpet for your home a breeze.

The first thing that you need to know about carpet types is that the types depend on their construction. In their conception, all carpets start out as loop pile carpets. This means that the fibers were woven and looped over the carpeting pad to create the carpet in the first place. From there, carpets are cut to create what is called “cut pile” rugs, which many carpet types originate from.

The first kind of cut pile rug is called a saxony rug. When saxony loops are cut, the tips of them are heat set, making eat cut pile tip distinguishable. While these kinds of rugs are attractive, they are often liable to getting marks from vacuums, footprints, and furniture. You are able to distinguish this type of rug from others because it looks like it’s a darker hue when you flatten it with your hand.

Another kind of rug is called a plush carpet. These rugs are known for their uniform construction and velvety texture. Plush rugs are the kind of wall to wall carpet that you really want to sink your toes into. They also give off a formal look. But these kinds of rugs are definitely not suitable for high traffic areas, as they are wont to retain water marks as well as vacuuming and furniture marks.

Trackless rugs, on the other hand, are considered ideal for high traffic areas that are subject to wear and tear. With these carpets, the yarn in the cut pile is steamed. In result, the cut pile is curled. Because of this, it is difficult to see furniture and vacuum marks. This rug works great for play rooms and heavy furniture.

For those who are seeking elegant modern flooring without having to commit to wall to wall carpeting, modern area rugs are the perfect addition. For hardwood modern flooring, adding an area rug is a perfect way to provide elegant flare to any room. Another great modern flooring trick is to layer an area rug on top pre-existing wall to wall carpet, creating a contrast in color and texture.

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