The Versatility of Tile Flooring

Tile is versatile, and your choices are endless. Tile flooring works in every room. There are several advantages to tile flooring. It is easy to clean, and it is easy to repair. Some homeowners even choose to install tile flooring in their garage. The average price per square foot for flooring is between $6 and $10. Your cost will depend on the tile you select. Another factor of price is the cost of installation.

Before you make your final purchase, research some basic flooring knowledge. Also, find out the average cost to install tile in your area. Find two or more sources of online reviews to find the best flooring installation company in your area. Your color choices are endless, and tiles come in many shapes, thicknesses, and sizes. Some tiles look like hardwood, and manufacturers construct tile from glass, stone, vinyl, ceramic, concrete, or porcelain. You can choose a classic tile in a neutral color or pick bright, colorful tiles. Pair your tiles with colored grout for a truly customized look. Visit a flooring store to explore your options. Many tile displays show coordinating floor, wall, and accent tiles.

Many tiles can be manufactured to take on the appearance of other flooring materials. Tiles that appear to be wooden planks, natural stone, or cement are all readily available, often at a lower price than the flooring they are meant to imitate. Tiles with the appearance of wood are especially popular, as hardwood flooring’s susceptibility to water damage makes it a poor choice for kitchen and bathroom flooring.Tile flooring is one of the most durable and low-maintenance flooring options on the market. More stain-resistant than carpeting, more sustainable than hardwood flooring, ceramic tile is becoming one of the most popular choices for homeowners looking to build or remodel. One of the biggest draws to tile is the versatility in design that it offers.

Other tiling trends include using smaller mosaic tiles to separate larger tiles, instead of settling for a line of grout. With the growing acceptance for tile backsplashes in the kitchen, the demand for small mosaic tiling is on the rise. Mosaic tiles are becoming more popular for flooring and wall decoration, especially in bright colors or when arranged in fun patterns.

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Moroccan-style tile flooring is becoming trendier, as more people accept the bold patterns and flashy colors as a quick and easy way to add personality to bathrooms and kitchens. When combined with all-white walls, the bright contrast of patterned tiles can be quite striking. Many Moroccan-style tiles are cut into interesting shapes for added impact.

Even if regular, solid-colored square tiling is more your thing, you don’t have to settle for one color on your floor. Tiles can be arranged into a multitude of patterns and designs, from checks to gingham to spirals and chevron stripes.

While tile flooring is just one of many floor options from which homeowners can choose, its diversity in arrangement allows homeowners more freedom to coordinate with their interior decorating choices. Truly, tile is one of the most versatile flooring options, and can fit into any lifestyle.



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