The Three Biggest Lawn Maintenance and Care Tips to Remember This Fall

Keeping a beautiful, healthy yard is one of the joys of owning your own home. And it’s one of the most popular pastimes for Americans today — when surveyed, 83% of Americans say they think having a yard is important, and a whopping 90% of those who have a yard say it’s important to keep it well-maintained.

Believe it or not, this maintenance doesn’t end when summer is over. Whether you maintain your yard with the help of a landscaping services company or on your own, it’s important to keep up your yard’s appearance all year round. In fact, taking the time to maintain your yard in fall and winter will bring a thicker, greener lawn in the spring.

To make sure you take care of your home’s landscaping this fall, be sure to follow these tips:

Keep leaves at bay

Raking the leaves isn’t just a fun family activity. It’s also hugely beneficial to your yard’s health. Because leaves block light from reaching your turf and trap moisture, they can result in your lawn becoming decaying or dead by the spring. Be sure to regularly clear away these leaves all season long.

Keep soil loosened and fertilized

Autumn is the perfect time to loosen your soil with an aerator. Aeration, a process that pokes holes in turf and pulls up plugs of soil, should be performed every few years to keep soil and grass as healthy as possible. Aerated soil is much easier to fertilize — another thing you’ll want to do this fall. If your landscaping has unique features — such as hills or ponds — you should seek out a landscape architecture company to ensure your landscaping is preserved during this process.

Spread grass seed after fertilizing

Another step to keeping your lawn in top condition is to overseed your turf during the fall. By having a more dense coating of grass, your turf will be more resistant to weeds and unsightly dry patches during the spring. It’s been shown that fall is an ideal time to practice overseeding since the sun isn’t as hot and the weather is slightly cooler, but the ground is still moist.

The thought of taking care of your lawn as the weather turns colder might seem less appealing by the minute — even if you’ve enlisted a local landscaper or landscape architecture company. But with a little TLC and prep work this fall, your yard will be able to stay beautiful all year round.

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