The Mighty O-Ring

If you have dabbled in engineering or even just take apart things to figure out how they work, chances are you have come across an o-ring on more than one occasion. These helpful little rings are most often used to block some odd place which may otherwise allow liquids or gases to escape. This matter escaping could cause a boatload of problems in several machines, so the o-ring is valuable beyond compare! This video details the many kinds of o-rings available and how to properly use them in whatever engineering project you are currently pursuing.

O-rings range in materials, colors, uses, and most of all sizes! Many engineers need specifics in each of these categories in order to ensure the perfect build. This inevitably results in the production of custom o rings. Custom o-rings can be tiny or enormous, and can either be DIYd or ordered from big manufacturers! Without a doubt, personal one-off projects as well as repetitive tedious projects often require o-rings, and the best way to truly get the best fit for your build is to invest in a custom one.

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