The Importance of a Quality Sump Pump

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Updated 4/14/22

Due to the nature of floods, paired with the architecture of most American homes, the sump pump is a homeowner’s best friend when tragedy strikes. However, the cost to put a sump pump in discourages many from purchasing this essential machine. Consider its applications and the fact that you could use a sump pump for groundwater, which often increases with heavy rains or snowmelt. With this in mind, you can begin to figure out the cost of adding a sump pump to your home.

Understanding the essentials of sump pump maintenance allows you to enjoy the benefits of a house that doesn’t flood when it rains. From an increase in the air quality of your home to avoiding the risk of mold and mildew, you must now be asking yourself, “Can you add a sump pump to a basement?” Yes, you can. Here’s some guidance for your journey of sump pump maintenance. With this information, you gain a greater understanding of the cost to put a sump pump in or maintaining the previously installed sump pump for groundwater. Dive right in and come out dry with these sump pump tips.


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During the spring in seasonal cities, and even in the winter, news stations often warn homeowners about flooding. This is especially true when snow begins to melt and creates a large mass of water at the base of a house. It is possible for an excess of water to seep through the foundation, into the basement, causing a signficant amount of flooding and damage. For this reason, many homeowners invest in interior basement waterproofing, and install a sump pump to prevent this from occurring.

Unfortunately, this is not always the answer. In some situations, the sump pump can stop working if there is simply too much water for it to handle, if the pump burns out because it is overworked, or if the water discharge line is frozen, which pushes the water back into the basement. In addition, if the power goes out, without a battery backup sump pump, the pump is rendered virtually useless.

If this happens, sump pump repair is essential. If you leave the dysfunctional sump pump without fixing it immediately, you run the risk of flooding in your basement. A typical sump pump repair can cost you $424 on average, according to This price does not reflect the highest quality sump pumps, but ones that would essentially do the job. You could also replace the sump pump, which might cost you less. In this case, you might end up paying for labor more than anything else.

Keep in mind that if you do not repair or replace your basement sump pump in a timely fashion, any water damage could also mean you have to make basement foundation repairs as well, which can be even more costly than replacing your pump.

The best way to avoid flooding is to install a quality sump pump, and be proactive by periodically check your sump pump to ensure that it is working. Some red flags would be if it makes loud noises, is running constantly, stops functioning occasionally, and if your pump is more than 7 years old. These signs are an indication that your pump might need repair, or should be replaced as soon as possible.

It might cost you more to fix or replace your sump pump than you want to spend, but it will save you the hassle of dealing with floods, foundation cracks, and water damage, and save you hundreds of dollars. Learn more.


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