The Extra Benefits of Doing Things Yourself

Do it yourself repair

Did you know that approximately 64% of American home owners don’t have $1,000 in savings available for household repairs? To make household repair matters worse, around 39% of American home owners say that it’s hard to find a reliable repair service as well. This is probably in large part to the fact that most American, (two out of three in fact) believe that they over-paid for household repairs in the past.

An easy way to solve these household repair woes is to learn do it yourself home improvement repair skills. Being able to perform do it yourself repairs and renovations are good for more than simply saving money on costly bills. Possessing these skills means that you’re prepared to handle any situation in a timely manner, which could prevent any further damage. For example, being able to fix water damage in a home means that you eliminate the threat of mold, which does have to be professionally removed at the price of thousands of dollars.

But did you know that having household repair skills is good for more than just your home? In fact, it’s good for your life! According to WiseBread, a frugality info site, learning DIY household repair skills is fun, fulfilling, improves your chances of meeting new people, gives you a skill that can help bring in more income, and gives you more options for retirement! With the new skills you learn, you’ll appreciate the things you have more, because while you craft them you build an emotional attachment to them. Plus, your new skill can be of use to others, whom you can charge them for. This extra income will speed up your retirement fund. Since you’re good with household repair, you’ll have less to worry about once you do retire, because you’re more equipped to take care of yourself!

This sense of self that comes from the self reliance of DIY skills can also help you lose weight! While you’re working and sweating, you’re burning off calories. Homesessive, a DIY site, writes, “for instance, painting your deck burns about 340 calories and leads to a gorgeous deck! Expending that kind of energy can help to keep your home looking its best and your health on track.”

Although studies do show that women make an estimated 85% of all home remodeling decisions, it’s the execution of these projects that really matters. After all this house repair talk, hopefully you’re inspired to pick up a hammer and learn some DIY skills of your own! If you have any questions about household repair, feel free to ask in the comments!

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