The Bathtub Revolution

Walk in baths

The walk in bath tub revolution has begun. Walk in bath tubs are the next level in bathroom evolution. Walk in baths are just what they sound like. A walk in bathtub is a proper bathtub with a door that opens so the bather can walk right in without precariously stepping over the side of a traditional tub. The walk in bathtub has a door that opens, either inward or outwardly and has a water tight seal once closed. It has safety handles for the bather to hold to assist in the sitting and standing process. The walk in bathtub also features a built in seat so bathers can safely and comfortably sit in a chair type position and not have to bring their bodies all the way to the ground to bathe. The walk in bathtub is lined with slide proof strips that create traction and significantly lessen the chance of a fall. The walk in tub is quickly becoming an essential hygiene tool for aging people who wish to stay as independent as possible. It allows them another level of freedom to take charge of their own hygiene.

The walk in bathtub allows non ambulatory people to bathe on their own, without assistance, and be in charge of their own hygiene while enjoying the relaxation that comes from bathing with privacy. In addition to the improved quality of life that physically handicapped people can enjoy with the walk in bathtub, it also offers all bathers a new level of luxury. Walk in bathtubs have options for circulating jets and bubbles that emulate hot tub jacuzzis. So even if there is not someone in your home who needs a walk in bathtub because of medical issues, there is bound to be someone in your home who would benefit form the relaxation and enjoyment a walk in bathtub jacuzzi offers.

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