Termites vs. Roof Rot Which Are You Dealing With?

Have you noticed splitting or other damage to your roof‘s wood? This is something you want to take care of immediately in order to prevent further damage — and further costs. The longer you wait to call a professional the worse the problem will get. But who should you call first: a local roofer or a termite exterminator? Here are a few insights about how to tell the difference between termite damage and wood rot.

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Termite damage is extremely common. These tiny bugs love to feast on the healthy wood in your home and make it their own home. There are a few types of abnormalities to keep an eye out for. The first is tunneling within your wood. This may look like random bits of wood missing with slightly rounded shapes found within the leftover wood.

Wood rot, also known as fungus rot damage, is the result of water being introduced to your wood. This creates fungus and infects your wood. In the early stages, wood will appear to be collapsing into itself. It will also appear to be slightly chipping. This chipping will worsen the longer the problem is left unfixed. One great way to identify wood rot in your roof is by inspecting the paint. For more information, watch this video!

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